What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning & Checkup

So, you’ve been keeping up on your brushing and flossing AND don’t have any sensitive teeth. That means you can skip your next cleaning and checkup, right? Wrong. 

Scheduling an Appointment 

 Even if you are not experiencing any tooth pain or oral health concerns, we still highly recommend scheduling a regular dental cleaning twice a year. Bi-annual visits prevent cavities and gum disease which can stop tooth loss (overall saving you money and time!), brightens your smile, freshens your breath, and overall boosts your health. 

 Need to schedule? Here you go: https://portcitydentists.com/contact.php

 Now that you are all set for your next appointment, here is what to expect for a typical dental cleaning and checkup visit, especially if it has been awhile since we last saw you. 

With Your Comfort in Mind

 When you first arrive, stop by our front desk to check in and get any forms that may need to be filled out. A hygienist will then come get you from our waiting room and lead you to your examination chair. We promise they really aren’t as uncomfortable as people make them out to be, however if you are looking for some extra comfort, we offer a Comfort Menu. Check out what is included in our past blog

 Our main goal is to provide quality, gentle care. To reach this goal, we tailor each appointment with our individual patient’s comfort in mind. 


 During the appointment your hygienist will review your medical history and complete a physical examination of your entire mouth. Using a small mirror we check around your teeth, gums, tongue, and chewing muscles for signs of gingivitis or any other health concerns. 

 We will often take X-rays in order to diagnose decay, fractured or infected teeth, cysts in the bones, and other bone and teeth diseases. Have questions about X-rays? Read about their importance in a previous blog post


 After the exam, we get to work cleaning! We will remove plaque and tartar from around the gum line and between the teeth using a scaler or scraper. 

 Your hygienist will then use a high-powered electric brush to deep clean your teeth and remove any tartar left behind by the scaler. The toothpaste used will have a gritty consistency, gently scrubbing and polishing your teeth. 

 Then, your teeth will be flossed and your mouth rinsed to get rid of any debris from your cleaning. 


 If necessary, you may get a fluoride treatment. This process protects your teeth against cavities. During the treatment, a foamy gel or sticky paste is placed into a mouthpiece that fits over your teeth. The mouthpiece is left on your teeth for one minute. You may be asked not to eat for a short period of time after your appointment for the fluoride to set. A fluoride varnish could also be painted onto your teeth with a small brush. Using this method, you can eat and drink immediately after. 

Additional Care

 After the cleaning process, your dentist will join your appointment to take another look at your teeth and gums for an additional exam. We will go over with you what we see is going on with your oral health, any concerns we have, and determine a plan that best suits you as a patient. Then, if you don’t need a follow-up sooner, you will be on your merry way after scheduling your next appointment in six months.

 We work hard to make all of your visits a positive, efficient, and stress-free experience! Our favorite part of the job is getting to know our patients and working with you to create and maintain a smile you love and are proud of showing. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!