At Port City Dental, we commit ourselves to excellent outcomes and esthetics when it comes to your crown restorations. Dental crowns play a crucial role in maintaining oral health, longevity, and function as well as enhancing the art of your smile. Crown restorations are a valuable dental treatment that can address various needs. Let’s dive into the benefits and situations in which they’re needed and how Port City Dental excels in these procedures. 

It almost seems inevitable that we’ll all come across a time in which a crown is required, but thankfully the benefits of dental crowns are broad. These advantages include restoring function after a tooth breaks or is fractured, saving a tooth’s strength after a root canal, covering and supporting a tooth that has had a large cavity or filling, enhancing the appearance of your smile and phonetics, improving the ability to maintain and keep your teeth clean and long lasting durability, or even to replace a tooth by performing a dental bridge. 

Port City Dental’s dentists have decades of experience in achieving optimal results of these beneficial procedures. Our dental crown procedures are 100% digital, so rest assured that the procedures will be comfortable, efficient, accurate, and beautiful!