Toothache, Chipped Tooth, Emergency? We Have you Covered.

We do our best to prevent emergencies through routine checkups and cleanings, but when dental emergencies arise, we are here to quickly take care of them for you.

There are numerous reasons why life may throw you an emergency dental visit. We see anything ranging from a toothache due to an infection, a lost filling that is causing a sharp spot in a patient’s mouth, to a chipped or cracked tooth due to a child falling on the playground or sporting mishap.

When emergencies happen, we are here to help you and will do everything in our power to get you in the same day as you are experiencing pain or the accident happens.

Call us right away so we can set up your appointment and give you instant feedback and instructions on what actions to take until we see you.

For instance, did you know if you lose a permanent tooth, you should try to place it back in your mouth in the correct spot ASAP? This gives the tooth the highest chance of adhering back in place correctly. It’s just one example of the real-time feedback you’ll receive – potentially saving a tooth!

“I had to have same-day emergency dental work and I was on vacation. This is not only the only place that could get me in, this was also the only place out of the 20 that I called that expressed any sympathy for my situation. They were prompt and professional and the kindness of the staff was unmatched. Highly recommend,” said one of our patients who recently submitted a review.

When emergencies arise, we are here for you with immediate, quality care. Call or text 218-728-5095 with any questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment.